Open Source Security
December 03, 2017

A short while ago, I got into what could be considered a debate on Twitter. I finally got around to reading the referenced ”2017 Open Source Security and Risk Analysis Report”. This is a post both in response to said report, and to share my view on the topic.

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Tiling KDE
January 05, 2017

I recently started investigating using a tiling window manager simultaneously with KDE. I chose i3 as my tiling manager of choice to experiment with. I was surprised at how little information was available about how to create a setup like this, so I’ve decided to write this post to share how I pulled it off on KDE Neon (Ubuntu 16.04 base) w/ Plasma 5.8.

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Linux, Changing Tides
March 19, 2016

In the fall, I wrote quite a bit about my Linux travels, this post is a continuation of that discussion. Over the past few months, I’ve had what you could call a change of heart.

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My Linux Travels
September 05, 2015

I’ve used many distributions over the years. However, I’ve never really taken the time to discuss what lead me to my current distribution — OpenSUSE. So I wanted to take some time, and share what I’ve learned in my travels.

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Let's talk about Venom
August 24, 2015

Over the years that I’ve managed my Minecraft server, I’ve found myself in a great deal of frustration, and wasting a ton of time with file upload. This frustration spurred the creation of Venom.

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My New Blog
August 19, 2015

It’s been a very long time since I had a blog. My old blog hasn’t been used in years actually (August 25th, 2011), almost 4 years ago to the day. However, I decided it was time to make a new blog, one which is actually nice, and maybe just maybe be useful to somebody somewhere.

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