About me

Hi, I’m Wyatt Childers, although, you may have also heard of me by the alias, Dark Arc. I’m a Software Engineer at Patriot Software leading the performance team, an open source programmer, hiker, and Linux enthusiast.

The University of Akron

I graduated from The University of Akron in May of 2016 after three years, starting in August of 2013. I have a variety of old class projects licensed under GPL, which can be found on my Github page for reference, please use them responsibly. These are not industrial grade software, and shouldn’t be used as such without proper review, by the same regard, be smart, if you’re a student, don’t try to use these projects in your class – especially verbatim – you will get caught.

Open source

I’ve created a number of open source projects over the years, primarily in Java, Python, and C++.


I co-founded the Skelril gaming community, and Minecraft server with some friends in February of 2012. I’ve since been continuing its development, keeping the project organized, and maintaining its services. This has lead to the creation of several tools some general purpose, some not, and a variety of unique Minecraft mods.

I’m part of the EngineHub organization. Inside EngineHub, I primarily work on WorldEdit and CommandBook, with occasional work on WorldGuard. I was formerly one of the lead developers for CraftBook, however, it is not longer used by Skelril, so I do very little work on it these days.

I’m also a recognized Sponge contributor. Most of what I’ve been doing with Sponge falls under the domain of testing for regressions using my code base, and working to find ways to improve the API for plugin/mod developers.


I started using Linux as my primary operating system early 2013. For various reasons, I briefly had to go back to Windows for about a year, before returning to Linux, and removing Windows from my computers in 2014. I’m a huge fan of both GNOME and KDE software, they both have their pros and cons, and the care in recent years exhibited by both of their communities is exceptionally evident. I’m currently using KDE Neon as my preferred Linux distribution – for any KDE user, I would highly recommend it.